Brightening up your day!

Because life is busy. Quality dental care delivered to your workplace.

Just the facts.

1 in 3 individuals with insurance has not been to the dentist in a year. 

60% of millennial employees have not been to the dentist in a year. 

Time and cost are the main barriers to care.

This is unhealthy and costly. 

Providing in-office affordable care is the solution.

Preventative dental care has been shown to reduce major dental and medical claims. 

How it works of
paying it forward

  For every 10 days SuiteTooth delivers care at a workplace, SuiteTooth will provide 1 day of dental care.  And the cool thing is, you can help us choose where. Click the list below to select your charity of choice.


And while you are doing a good thing...mention us to your friends and their employers.  

picking up the check

If you're lucky, you have a hip employer who appreciates the importance of dental care and has hooked you up with one of the carriers below...or you are  still reaping the benefits of some cool family dental plan.  All is covered.


If you are swimming through this ocean and haven't quite hooked the dental plan of the year, no worries, our rates are the lowest in the industry and no surprise increases. So go ahead and budget twice a year to keep those teeth glowing.

Some legalese from our insurer: SuiteTooth facilitates the provision of dental services and does not directly perform dental services.