SuiteTooth Allows Employers to Differentiate Themselves 

Provide no-cost employee benefit

Reduce dental claims

Recapture lost employee work-time

Increase employee retention

Attract top talent

Improve employee health outcomes

FACT: Employees Seek Dental Benefits

96% of employees rate dental benefits as most desirable after medical

The lack of preventative dental care has a high correlation to increased rates of:

Emergency room visits

Heart disease



Employers Fail to Capture the Full Benefit of Dental Insurance 

50% of employees cite cost and convenience as the reason for not visiting the dentist

Approximately 50% of insured employees fail to go to dentist twice a year

25% of insured employees fail to go to the dentist even once a year 

40% of millenial employees fail to go to the dentist even once a year

Failure to Utilize Dental Benefits is Costing Employers $$$

16% Higher Dental Claims Due to Lack of Preventative Care


Employer Groups with high preventative utilization spent more on preventative care over six years
But they spent less on major dental claims
And had lower combined dental claims (preventative plus major)

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Some legalese from our insurer: SuiteTooth facilitates the provision of dental services and does not directly perform dental services.