Provide Your Office 
and WFH Employees 
Convenient Dental Care

A no-cost perk on-site throughout NYC, Long Island, Westchester, Southern Connecticut, and the Hamptons

SuiteTooth Allows Employers 
to Differentiate Themselves

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Provide no-cost 
employee benefit

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Increase employee 

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dental claims

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Improve employee 
health outcomes

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Recapture lost 
employee work-time

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Attract top talent

FACT: Employees Seek Dental Benefits

96% of employees rate dental benefits as most desirable after medical

FACT: Preventative Dental Care Reduces Major Medical Issues

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Emergency room visits

Heart disease

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50% of employees cite cost and convenience as the reason for not visiting the dentist

FACT: Employers Fail to Capture the Full Benefit of Dental Insurance 

Approximately 50%

of insured employees fail

to go to dentist twice a year

25% of insured employees fail to go to the dentist even once a year 

40% of millenial employees fail to go to the dentist even once a year

16% Higher Dental Claims Due to Lack of Preventative Care

FACT: Failure to Utilize Dental Benefits is Costing Employers $$$

Employer Groups with high preventative utilization spent more on preventative care over 6 years

But they spent less on major dental claims

And had lower combined dental claims (preventative plus major)

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