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At-Home Dental Care

No need to travel to the dentist, SuiteTooth offers at-home preventative dental care throughout NYC, Long Island, Westchester and the Hamptons

SuiteTooth At-Home Offerings

SuiteTooth At-Home Offerings






PPO insurances accepted

Minimum 2 patients per location


Shelly, UWS

What a great experience, they were so easy to deal with and they were great with the kids.  What a great service, particularly when sheltering at home

Kira, Atlantic Beach

We hadn't been to the dentist in months and it was convenient when they came to us.  The kids loved the experience and it was like an activity for the day

Jennifer, Westhampton

The fact that they could do my kids cleanings and I could get a whitening was great.  Killed two birds with one stone.

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Some legalese from our insurer: SuiteTooth facilitates the provision of dental services and does not directly perform dental services.